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DJ Susan is the alias of musician and artist Becky Sui Zhen. Dwelling on the fringe of her boyfriend’s record collection she’s discovered a love for sharing the records that inspire the music behind her music. From balearic pop, 80s bossnova to eastern-European lounge and soft-disco rock she is ever searching for voices reminiscent of those she hears in her head. She really likes Dip in the Pool and Antena.

Originally from Sydney, Becky Sui Zhen is now thoroughly embedded in the Melbourne music scene. A participant of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2010 it was there she met collaborator Andras Fox to form the duo Fox + Sui. She’s currently producing her third album to be released in 2014. 


In her professional life she is a creative producer with a passion storytelling across multiple platforms and varied mediums. Her focus is to bring clarity to the creative process with consistent and personable project management - from conception to completion. Becky likes to explore mistakes, tactility and ideas that age well. She makea music, digital and video for business and pleasure. And occasionally sings the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ on TVCs. 

This blog is to document  music, televisual productions and other moments.

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CONTACT: becky (at) beckysuizhen.com

- Becky Sui Zhen